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Domains: The Best Domain Name Registrars

Finding the best domain name registrar should be a simple quest: Which registrar can you trust and who has the best prices?

Domain Name Registrars

What are the best domain name registrars on the web today? With more than 20 years of experience in buying, holding, selling domain names, we've dealt with the best ones and some pretty horrible registrars. We know exactly how to determine the quality of domain name registrars. We've tested dozens of registrars ourselves, and we've bought thousands of domain names for clients. This page is a result of all our experience in the domaining indstry in combination with the most thorough meta-study we have ever done. The results of this study are available for free below.

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Domain names and toilet paper

As buyers, there is not a huge difference between domain name services and, say, toilet paper companies.

Most people do not spend hours reflecting upon which toilet paper to buy. You must know two things: Quality, and the price.

The price is a simple calculation: How much for toilet paper per unit of length? Or instead of lenght, some might prefer to use area, or even weight.

Then, quality: Does the toilet paper do what it is supposed to do, and how well does it get the job done? We've all got our preferences. And it is a trade-off: How much am I willing to pay for toilet paper?

Quailty is also a question about safety, environmental impact, company ethics, and more. Would you buy toxic toilet paper? How about sustainable, eco friendly paper, at a higher price? Do you care about if the toilet company cares about you, the customer? Life is short, and all of us are faced with a plethora of buying decisions.

You can not be researching forever. There must be some sort of compromise.

But we've been researching domain name registrars, and it does feel like, forever.

How To Find The Best Domain Name Registrars

Since the dawn of the modern web (pre-1990), we have asked the question: Which is the best domain name registrar.

You could dwell about all kinds of stuff when researching domain name registrars, but price and quality is the main thing to look for.

Find a domain registrar which you can trust. A registrar that will fight for you in court, against predatory companies or government. A registrar that will do the right thing, no matter what. A registrar with a good reputation. That is the one thing.

The other thing is the price you will pay for domain names. Some domain name registrars are crazy expensive, they are basically ripping off their customers. Some are extremely cheap, but with questionable business ethics. Then, we have found, by looking at hundreds of domain name registrars, some awesome companies that are offering really good prices.

The Best Domain Name Registrars

#1 Domain Name Registrar


NameSilo is among the fastest growing registrars in the world. NameSilo have the lowest everyday prices on the web and their industry-leading tools for domain management makes them a top choice for everyone. And you can use them for selling domains too!

  • The lowest domain prices
  • Awesome domain management
  • Buy and sell registered domains

Visit NameSilo

NameSilo is one of the only 15 registrars with over 3 million active domains. The have over 400+ domain extensions to choose from, including the standard .com, .biz, to the more expressive ones. They have the cheapest domain registration prices we know, and there is no catch (really). Services such as hosting, email, SSL, and Premium DNS to complete your online experience is also available. What's more: WHOIS Privacy, Email Forwarding, Domain Defender Protection, Custom WHOIS Records, and DNS Management is totally 100% free.

#2 Domain Name Registrar


Not just a great host, they are also terrific for domain registrations!

  • Easy domain registration
  • Great prices
  • Perfect hosting

Visit Hostinger

Hostinger offers a full 30 day money-back guarantee on their hosting services. So if you are not happy with their services for whatever reason, they will refund your payment.

Keep in mind that there is rarely such a thing as a one size fits all. Which domain name company will be best for your needs? We honestly do not know. But this much we do know:

We have spent decades researching domain name registrars, and not just for the sake of this article. We know what it means to buy domains from a lousy company, and we have lost domains, money and business because of it. We have paid the price.

We also know how much easier life will get once you are dealing with domain name registrars with integrity, companies that actually care about their customers. It is never just the price that counts. But great domain name registrars might have great prices too. Some are a little more expensive, and sometimes that could be justified.

We have learned first hand that there is an very significant difference between the rouge registrars and the ethically sound ones. Always choose the customer-friendly company, the one with integrity and high ethical standards.

It is worth paying extra for. But here's the fun and peculiar part:

In the world of domain name registrars, this unusual thing has been going on for years: The most ethical, the most amazing, the most customer-friendly companies, are also the one with the cheapest prices.